Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recipe: Hasselback Potatoes

This is going to be a very short post. Thats because I did not really make anything original here, but combined a few recipes and it came out wonderful.

It was late saturday night, and I had a last minute cancellation of dinner plans. Now at 8 o clock I was left considering either making Maggi or having a Pizza. However both those options really did not gel with my pride as a food blogger. As I sat hungry and contemplating as to what to make with the meager ingredients available I remembered The Purple Foodie's recipe for Hasselback potatoes.

I decided to combine it with Garlic Mushrooms (similar to what I added on my hashbrowns) and a Caesar's dressing. Sprinkled some coriander on it as a garnish to finish it off.

Ok, so whilst the potatoes did not turn out as good looking as The Purple Foodie's (gotta ask her for some tips on this) the taste was delicious. For a last minute meal with basic ingredients (under an hour from the time I decided to make it, till the time I took my first bite), it was delicious.

I guess it goes to show, you don't need large amounts of time and prep to make good food.


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