Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recipe: Oven Roasted Bell Peppers

Whilst these aren't something you would normally eat alone (you could, they taste so delicious) , I use them almost in all recipes which call for Bell Peppers (or capsicum). They take a little while and attention, but trust me, its worth it. They make the peppers nice and juicy, bring out the natural sweetness in them and the flesh becomes soft and tender.



Bell Peppers ( I prefer to do this with red or yellow ones).
1/2 tea spoon of olive oil.


Turn on your oven and heat it to 250 degrees centigrade. Take those yummy bell peppers and rub a coat of olive oil on them.

When the oven reaches the temperature, pop those peppers onto a tray and into the oven they go.

They will need anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to get roasted. You need to keep turning them over every 5-6 minutes so that they get cooked everywhere evenly (Thats why I said that they need attention).
You need to keep roasting them till you can see the other skin getting crinkly (even if it chars, doesnt matter). The outer skin should feel like its coming away from the flesh.
Take them out of the oven and let them cool on a plate.

Now once they have cooled down you can peel off the skin. You can then cut and dice the flesh as you want for your recipe. Just pop a few pieces in your mouth too. You deserve the yumminess.


It has been recommended to me from a number of places (Including by one of my oldest friends in the world, Mr. Niraj P, in the comments below) that if you put the bell peppers in a bowl and cover it in plastic, the steaming would make them easier to peel. This is an excellent tip.
I usually end up roasting the skin of my peppers to near oblivion (as can be seen by the pictures above). The black charred skin is reasonably easy to remove. Do not be scared of the skin looking burnt, the flesh is what is important.
However if you have difficulty removing the skin from the peppers, do try steaming it off like was recommended.


  1. Pranav, I'm loving the blog! I wish I had the energy to start one of my own. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but here is a tip - when you remove the peppers from the oven, instead of letting them sit on a plate, try putting them in a bowl and covering the bowl with plastic wrap for about 5-10 minutes. The steam from the peppers will help loosen the skin off the flesh and make it easier to remove.


  2. Wow, must try this> I love bell pepper anyway. If you say this enhances the taste, then it's worth a shot!

  3. Niraj

    Old friend, you are always welcome to comment whatever you want. Will give it a try.

    Its a whole new taste. sweeter and richer.

  4. Will you please suggest recipes to make with roasted pepper?

  5. Hey Anonymous,

    Oh I use them everywhere. marinate them in balsamic, add tomatos, and you hve the start of a fantastic bruschetta, i use them in salads, pizza toppings, ...
    just almost anywhere you are using bell peppers (except stuffed bell peppers of course).


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