Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recipe: Creamy Beer Baked Potato Slices

Happy new year everyone!!!!! Everyone seems to have very interesting new years resolutions. I had to make a new year's promise. To my Mom (Happy new year mummy). The promise is that I would finish off those 10 cans of beer that were just lying around after the party!! (I love my mom's obsessive compulsive behavior sometimes).

Anyway, rather than just dunking it down, I thought it would be fun to try cooking with beer. So here we go, Creamy Beer Baked Potato Slices.


4-5 Potatos
1 medium onion, cut into rings
1/4 cup of Lemon Juice
1 tablespoon of garlic paste
1/2 cup of cream
1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Salt, black pepper, coriander to garnish and taste.

Lets COOK!!!!!

Start up your oven and let it come to about 270 degrees C. Take those potatoes, clean and wash them.

I like the taste of the potato skins, so for this recipe lets leave them on. Slice n dice them however you want.

Put them into a baking tray. I added in the cut onion. Throw in some garlic paste and the lemon juice and mix it all together. Finally sprinkle some olive oil over it.

Now comes the fun part. Mix in the beer. Pour it in nice and slowly (just for the mad scientist feeling).

I actually got a decent head to the beer. Extra points for me !!!!

By now your oven must have come to temperature. Time to pop it in.

This part is going to take a while. You have to leave it to bake for almost 40 minutes. (In my case it took a bit longer). Once in a while shake the potatoes around so they bake evenly. I also kept pouring some of the beer from the dish over the spuds. In the meantime my assistant decides to take a nap.

When most of the beer has evaporated and the potatoes are starting to brown and get tender, you should remove the dish from the oven. Now some people recommend pouring out the remaining liquid as leaving it in could leave a bit of a bitter taste to the potatoes. I decided to leave it in to see how it goes.
Sprinkle in some Salt and Black pepper and mix it around a bit.
Pour on the cream and mix it again.

You want to put it back in the oven to bake for another 10-15 minutes at least. Check to see if the potatoes are tender when you remove them.
You can serve them straight in the baking dish (watch out, it will be hot!!). Garnish it with some coriander and maybe even a little grated cheese.

Or you can eat it alone (as I did *yummy*) with a helping of chili flakes.

There you go !!!!. The potatoes are savoury and creamy. The beer in the sauce adds a bitter-sweet aftertaste (which I personally loved). ENJOY!!!


  1. You call your mom 'mummy'! You're such a mamma's boy! Hehe he potatoes looks great. I'm tempted to make a creamy gratin with potatoes.

  2. @Shaheen yummmmy.... and excuse me :P everyones allowed to be a mammas boy sometimes :D

  3. i am gonna try making that for dad tonight from the cans of beer i stole from your house :P

  4. Wow, thought this was like a fun recipe with not much that will come out of it, but the end dish looks amazing!!


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