Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pictorial: How to make a grilled sandwich.

Time for a bit of a fun Post. I was eating at The Right Place at Kemps Corner recently and decided to take a pictorial of how they make their famous sandwiches. So lets take it step by step.

(I must apologize for the pictures. I took them off my Blackberry, which anyone can tell you is a terrible camera phone).

Step 1) Take the Bread, and add the Chutney.

2) Get some tomato slices on one slice, and some mashed boiled potato on the other

3) Sprinkle on some salt, black pepper and other assorted spices.

4) Add some cut Green Bell Peppers on top of the potatoes

5) Add some diced onion on top of the tomatoes

6) Grate on lots of cheese

7) Yeah, did I mention lots of cheese?

8) Put the slices together

9) Time to smother it with butter

10) Look at them ready to go in the grill.

11) Get them into a nice hot grill and wait

12) Don't they look yummy when they come out?

13) Cut it up into bite sized pieces

14) ENJOY!!!!!!


  1. you should try craving at charkop,kandivali. its got some of the best grilled sanwiches..:)


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