Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thoughts: On Food Blogging

At first, the question seems simple. How do you rate and judge food? Well, for the average person it could be as simple as "Does it taste good?", "Would I eat it again?", "Did I lick my plate clean?".
Is it as simple for a blogger? Not to tout the horns of myself and my com-padres, but it is not easy being a food blogger. Tastes are varied. Tongues grow accustomed to flavours. Palates are biased. Culture, history, family, society, geography, religion, experiences, economics, even education are all factors that influence what you like to eat. We are what we eat. But with 6 billion people on the planet, how does a food blogger justify his/her existence? How do you convey that feeling of satiated delight to a reader? How do you convey disgust? How do you justify that your palate is one that should be followed and can be a trustworthy metric?
No palate exceeds that of another. No palate is more "evolved" than another. There are critics that would like to believe otherwise, but I am not one of those. I do not claim to know everything about food. I am a weekend chef. But yet I come here and post reviews on the food that other people have made. I judge them and score them. I judge the creation of others with my own fallible mind. I take that wisp which is taste and capture it on paper. 
Many times I have been called elitist. Many times has my judgement been questioned. Many times have people looked at me and said "Are you insane? You actually liked/disliked that?". It is made to sound hateful, but I have to admit, more often than not, I am elitist.
I am elitist because just like you, I like the food I eat and I am proud of my opinions. My palate has been made by my culture, history, family, society, geography, experiences, religion, economic situation and education. If you are what you eat, then my tastes represent me.I stand by my palate because I stand by myself.


  1. Anyone can google a recipe. A food blog is about opinions, tastes, reviews and standards that must be met. If you have been blessed with a golden palate, it makes your blog interesting. Because as everyone knows, to satisfy an elitist is the hardest feat. Glad you came right out and said it.


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