Monday, March 7, 2011

Experiments: The Gnocchi Debacle

So it would not be right to call myself a geek if i did not experiment with food. The kitchen is like a laboratory. Stuff can either turn out miraculous, or it can blow up in your face.
Yesterday I tried making gnocchi for the first time. It seems really simple. Ingredients are Potatos, Egg, Flour, Salt.
It bombed.
Too much flour. It left the gnocchi hard and felt uncooked. This inspite my leaving it to boil for 20 minutes almost, when the recipe says it shouldnt have taken more than 2-3 minutes.
So next time I make gnocchi, Ill keep an eye on the flour.

Here is the tip for anyone following this blog:
More potato:- the gnocchi becomes softer. However, too soft, and it will fall apart when boiling.
More Flour: it becomes harder, chewier, and basically feels uncooked.

Ill put up the completed recipe when I perfect it.

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